Start a Meeting

Ignite a conversation!

Are you interested in hosting a meeting to discuss social systems and the gospels? Whether that be locally in-person or virtually?

To expand this conversation and build community, we encourage you to form your own group. We believe that by creating a large, diverse network, more ideas will be generated that grow the community as a whole, advancing our goal of a conversation that provokes global reconciliation.  

At its core, the structure of The Mary Manifesto depends on the participation and conscience of individual groups, and how each of these groups conducts its affairs has a ripple effect on the entire organization. In essence, it is shaped by the collective voice of its local groups and how they choose to connect with the larger organization.

Before establishing a new group, we encourage you to review these rules:

  • Attend a monthly Mary Manifesto meeting to experience a meeting at least once
  • Have a one-on-one discussion about leading a meeting with another group leader
  • Reach out to your own contacts
    • We invite people of all gender identities, national backgrounds and time zones to join the group
    • Someone or some people with strong grassroots experience or circumstance of tackling poverty, especially for women and children
  • No fees or dues to be levied, voluntary contributions only

To set up your own meeting:

  • Register your new group with The Mary Manifesto
    • Email [email protected]
      • Include whether you want to publicly list your group available for people to attend
  • Hold your first meeting!

If you have questions about how to set up your own meeting, please reach out to [email protected].

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